Buying Shoe

Uncomfortable shoes are making our activities disrupted. To avoid the problem of buy a wrong new shoes. The trick are? Checkout these tips!


  • 1. When trying a shoe product, best to use a sock. Especially when trying to sneakers or other shoes that need to use socks. If you want to try sports shoes, use sports socks , do not use thin socks for casual shoes.

  • 2. The best time to try a shoe product is at night. At that time the foot was in maximum condition. But be careful, if you doing a not usual activities, like hiking or climb a mountain, is not the right time to try for party shoes model. In essence, trying on shoes at night when the foot is in a state of maximum will make your shoes are ready to accept your feet in most big sizes.

  • 3. The first leg to try a shoe model is the greatest leg. How to determine this, the larger foot is the side opposite the hand used for writing. Suppose you used to write with right hand so the bigger leg is means bigger the left leg.

  • 4. Try shoes to stand and walk a bit. When you're at the store, try running as normally as possible. You should be able to move your thumb to touches the top of the shoe. There are at least 1 / 2 cm space between the tip of the finger with the tip of the shoe.

  • 5. When you to the store, do not buy shoes that are too tight and hope the shoes will be stretched. Indeed, some types of materials such as leather and suede will be slightly enlarged. But, that enlargement would not be much effect for foot comfort.

So, the shoes are too small and its size means there is not a 'soul mate' you. To be sure always try shoes with a little walk around. Try the usual way and the roads a little faster.